…the complex becoming simple

Was reading this morning a devotional classic from the Quaker philosopher, writer, and missionary Thomas Kelly, entitled ‘A Testament of Devotion’

2006-06-04 Thomas Kelly.jpg

Michelle and I woke up early this morning and went to the Panera in Uptown (Minneapolis) to talk. (on a side note — we just learned that they are closing it in about a week. This is one of our favorite places to talk….)

Anyway, this morning we talked about this prayer from his book…

“O God, draw us from the periphery of life, where we have been living, into the Center. Draw us from our preoccupation with self-pleasing into Thy presence where we long only to be faithful to Thee. Draw us from our claimful selves and give us Thyself. For in Thy Presence we find the complex becoming simple, and the compulsive activities giving way to a willingness to live a life so simple that a little suffices. Amen.”

We talked about how easy it is to be preoccupied with ourselves. Preoccupied simply means to dominate or engross the mind. It is so easy, to have things dominate & engross my mind these days…

We resolved to let that go today, to allow ourselves to be drawn into His presence — where we can be faithful today to Thee. For there, and there alone can the complex become simple. For me – that would mean simply being still and meditating — and for Michelle that would mean the most simple thing she could do – would be to go to garage sales today :)    Sounds crazy to me, but it is not to my wife. So….we probably will do some of both.


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