…coming world ‘order’

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Great thoughts from Tim Keller on ministry on the new global culture of major world cities…
Globalization is making major world cities more powerful than ever. Why?

1) The mobility of capital means national governments are now virtually powerless to control the flow of money in and out of their own economies, thus greatly decreasing their influence in general. The cities are the seats of multi-national corporations and international economic, social, and technological networks.

2) The technology/ communication revolution means that national governments are powerless also to control what their people watch or learn. As a result, it is the culture/values set of world-class cities that is now being transmitted around the globe to every tongue, tribe, people, and nation. NY and LA are now far more influential in forming the culture of, say, teenagers in rural Indiana or rural Mexico than are the national or local governments or civic institutions. Sum: This is the first overall major erosion of nation-state power in 800 years.

• N. Pierce: “Great metropolitan regions…not nation-states–are starting to emerge as the world’s most influential players.â€? Cities are growing in the ‘Third World’ at an enormous rate and are regenerating in the U.S. and Europe. In the U.S. even smaller cities have seen a renaissance of their downtown cores, as professionals, immigrants, international business leaders, empty-nest baby-boomers, artists, and the ‘young and hip’ move back in. The coming world ‘order’ will be a global, multi-cultural, and urban order.

Here is to the great city of Los Angeles…


2 responses to “…coming world ‘order’

  • juan

    There is a recurring theme around how globalization is entangled with the life of influential communities when it comes to culture. Another point to consider is the fact that all those local communities around the world are migrating into the big cities, which is a way to raise their influence globally.

  • Greg

    Juan — I looked at your website, and it looked fascinating to me. Can you tell me more about it, and about what you do?

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