Goodbye to Willow’s Axis (Service)

That is the post from Scot McKnight’s Blog, from yesterday. It was with a little sadness that I read this as I remember like it was yesterday when my wife and I visited the Axis service, in 1998 — a year before we helped plant a 20-something church in Minneapolis called The Rock.

I remember that trip down to Chicago very distinctly. It was part vacation, but also part of a research trip. We went to Axis armed with a pencil and notebook — writing down all sorts of ideas that we could bring back & possibly do with our new church in Minneapolis the next year. I even named our student group at the University of Minnesota – ‘Axis’.

Not sure all of the reasons for the change, and not even 100% sure if I agree with it — but I thought there was one very interesting quote on the comments part of the post:

“On the other hand this sounds like potentially a good (though tough) long-term decision for Willow. Seperated age-specific ministries, as demonstrated by many within the the emerging stream, are no longer as helpful as once thought. We find that 20-somethings (even seekers) are willing to sacrifice some to be part of a larger community for seekers/believers that is multi-generational.”

Interesting thoughts to ponder…


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