Landis wins Tour de France

2006-07-23-tour de france.jpg
American Floyd Landis won the Tour de France today, and going on-line to read about it was very interesting…

Landis said he believed that certain aspects of his upbringing, in a strict Mennonite family in eastern Pennsylvania, with no television and many expectations about what constituted proper behavior, contributed to his rise to the top of his sport.

“I don’t pretend to know a lot about what’s going on in life most of the time,� he said. “But I had good parents who taught me that hard work and patience were some of the most important things in getting what you wanted. It took me a long time in my life to learn patience. But that and persistence, I think, is the lesson that even I learned from this race.� (from the NYT)


One response to “Landis wins Tour de France

  • bk

    I watched a lot of the tour and it was one of the most exciting I have seen. I am constatntly amazed at the endurance those guys have. They give everything they have to keep going; sometimes near the point of complete physical breakdown. It always makes me think about my faith journey. When God watches my pursuit of Him; I want it to look like those riders. I want him to see me desperate to finish the race whatever the circumstances.

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