Rich, Poor Live Poles Apart in L.A.

“Demographers at Wayne State University in Detroit recently found Greater Los Angeles to be the most economically segregated region in the country. The study found only about 28% of its neighborhoods to be middle-class or mixedincome, compared with more than half of those in Nashville, Pittsburgh, Seattle and Portland, Ore.” – LA Times
That is the city I am moving to next month!


3 responses to “Rich, Poor Live Poles Apart in L.A.

  • Dave Kludt

    Hey Greg,

    Just wanted to see how your moving plans are going. My wife and I are moving to Pasadena in two weeks. It’s a crazy time of transition as she’s preparing for a couple of job interviews this week and hoping that one of them works out for us. Thoughts and prayers with your family as you guys are in the moving process!

  • chanchanchepon

    I am excited for you in this new venture to reflect the shalom of God on the west coast.

    May you be richly blessed in your endeavors, and may you experience the goodness of God in the midst of your major move from minneapolis.

  • Greg

    Billy — it is great hearing from you! I went to your blog — sorry to hear about your car. Thanks for your wishes to us. Peace to you my friend, Greg

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