Day in the life of LA…

Well, the kids had their first day of school yesterday (Wednesday) & they survived! Thanks for your prayers regarding that.

It is so different than the tiny Christian school that they attended in Minneapolis, it is almost funny. 2,000 kids at this school, vs. about 100 kids last year. I will try and take some pictures of the school tomorrow.

They dearly miss some of their friends from Minneapolis, but they are making the best of it. They are so brave.

Also today, driving around trying to figure things out. We only got lost once today – so that was an improvement.


Also, learned something new….

They actually have ‘tree trimmers’ (or palm-tree trimmers) — who take care of all of the trees. Got caught in a traffic jam today because they were taking care of a bunch of palms on Sunset Blvd today…



2 responses to “Day in the life of LA…

  • Dan

    Oh, man. I know traffic jams. Hey, Greg, get on the 101 going north at about 4:45 pm. Then blog about it.

  • Greg

    Dan — nice hearing from you again. Yes, I am sure you know traffic jams way better than I do. Heather actually says that the ‘slow’ drivers in Minnesota are driving you crazy ??!!
    Thanks for all of the suggestions on things to do with the family out here.
    I will let you know what we end up doing.

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