Caleb – going surfing?

Caleb, really wants to learn how to surf out here in L.A.
Personally, going out in that cold ocean, not knowing what is lurking under the water…. is not my ideas of a good time. Caleb seems undeterred by my attitude however.
We were driving home the other day, and saw a garage-sale, and found this wet-suit for Caleb — for $8 !

He was so excited. We’ll let you know that day he goes out and learns how to surf.



6 responses to “Caleb – going surfing?

  • Dave Kludt

    That’s an awesome steal on a wet suit!!! I’ve been trying to keep my eye out for a wet suit and a longboard…but it’s to justify spending money on the gear while living in Pasadena when it takes 45 minutes or more to get to a spot where you can even surf…I miss the days when I spent a summer in malibu right off the beach and could walk 5 minutes to the water…oh well! Good luck to Caleb!!!

  • Heather McNiel

    Hey Greg — it’s so cool to see how you guys are getting into the So Cal culture. Caleb’s going to be one awesome surfer dude. We sure enjoy reading about you and the family’s adventures. So far, it’s the only thing that has made me miss being in California.

  • Greg

    Dave — nice hearing from you. That is cool that you spent a summer in Malibu – we would like to visit Malibu sometime, just to see what it is like.

    How is Fuller treating you? I hope all is well

  • Greg

    Heather – glad to hear about what is going on with our family. We will keep you updated. Say hello to Dan from us.

  • Doug H


    Nothing related to the current post (although it was a good deal!)…just wanted to say I appreciate your thought provoking posts and honest thoughts…they definitely help get me thinking about the more important things.

  • Greg

    Great hearing from you Doug! Glad that my posts are thought-provoking for you. Hope all is well with you and the family.

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