hectic weekend

well, it has been a crazy, eventful, busy weekend here in Minnesota…

I was thinking for a number of weeks, that I needed to come back into town for a few days because there were still some people who really wanted to sit down face -to-face to hear more about the ministry in LA, but we just could not connect in the summer before we moved out to LA.

Then the house that we own here in Minneapolis , turned into a little fiasco with the renter who just moved out, and the new renters who moved in. To make a long story short — the renter who was in there left us in the lurch on a number of things, and so I needed to get a carpenter, painter, cleaning company to come in and take care things. Something financially, that we really, really did not need right now.
So I decided to come back for about five days, and then Michelle heard about an art fair here in Minneapolis and she figured if she sold enough of her art / crafts that we still had stored here in Minneapolis, she could basically pay for her flight back to Minnesota. She had all of these baby quilts & these super-cool ornament wreaths that she sold. I was so proud of her… she prayed & prayed & prayed for the art fair, did it, and made more money than she was praying for, paid for her flight out here and we had some money left over. She was pretty stoked about that!!


Also, at the art fair we got to see our dear friends — Bryan & Tara King – which was great.

In the midst of all of this (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) I/we met with a number of people (old friends from college, new friends here in Minneapolis, etc.) to tell them about the ministry in Hollywood that we are a part of.

Also, Friday night before Michelle flew into town – I got the priviledge to celebrate Shabbat (the Jewish sabbath, or day of rest) with a group of 8 people who are involved in a local Messianic congergation.

Here is the definition from Wikipedia: Hebrew: שבת, shabbÄ?t, “rest”, is the weekly day of rest in Judaism. It is observed, from before sundown on Friday until after nightfall on Saturday, by many Jewish people with varying degrees of involvement in Judaism.
Then today (Sunday) – after Michelle left to go back to LA, I drove up to my hometown — Cold Spring, to talk at church & update people with the ministry.


Tomorrow will be even crazier — as I have about 8 appointments with new friends (all people that I have met in the past year or so) and somebody who will be buying my old 1991 Camry that I still had back here in Minneapolis, etc. I dont think I have ever had that many appointments in one day before.

And then will fly out real early on Tuesday morning to back in time for the staff meeting which is at our house on Tuesday early afternoon, and then a worship gathering meeting on Tuesday evening which will be at our house again. My beautiful bride is going to be cooking a feast again for the 10-12 leaders who are a part of making the Sunday gatherings happen at Kairos.

I get the feeling that people are WAY more excited about Michelle being a part of the Kairos community than they are about me being involved. This will be about the 4th big meal / meeting at our house, and each time – Michelle tries out a new recipe for everyone to enjoy.

I know I am a little biased, but my wife really puts Martha Stewart to shame with her hosting. Seriously though, Michelle has a passion for ‘hospitality’, that is coming out again in her life – here in California. She feels so fulfilled in it, and it blesses those who come over.
Like seems like a whirlwind right now – pray that god blesses my next couple of days, but not only that — makes them fruitful and productive.

Blessings to you, Greg


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