The Nativity & New Line

My family and I are getting stoked about going to see The Nativity.

It looks like has been made extremely well, but we’ll let you know after we see it. There was a very interesting article in the LA Times last week about New Line cinema (the makers of the Lord of the Rings movies, among others):

“New Line a believer in faith market”
— Studio gets a religious education as it woos Christians with “The Nativity Story.”

I think it is kind of amusing how studios are now trying to woo ‘people of faith’. It will be interesting to see how that goes.


2 responses to “The Nativity & New Line

  • Jon

    Hey Greg,

    Brenda and I got to go a free screening of the movie a few weeks back. It was fabulous. We did have to listen a bit of a marketing “sell” by a rep from New Line first and it was kind of uncomfortable, as they are most concerned with making money…to do that, they need Christians to like it. Nevertheless, the movie itself was great, true to the Biblical story as far as I can tell, and where they did add dialogue and fill in some gaps it was very believable. And very human. I highly recommend it!

  • Greg

    Jon — thanks for the recommendation. Glad to hear that it was a good movie. Say hello to Brenda from us.

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