a little weather news from California

hate to have to say this, but I thought I would share the weather forecast for you all…

75° | 49°
81° | 52°

2 responses to “a little weather news from California

  • Jodi

    Greg – we’re having Broombowl 2007 with the student groups on Sunday. Forecast is for -7 with windchills of -20. Please soak in a little extra sun for us!!!

  • greglarson

    Jodi — great hearing from you!
    that is brutally cold!! be careful that you don’t get frostbite.

    I was talking to a friend this morning from MN, who used to live in L.A. (that is why I posted the weather forecast) & he gently reminded me that MN does not have near the traffic problems, people shooting each other on the freeways, the out-of-control cost of living, earthquakes, brush fires, etc.

    so I had to post one thing about California that was better!
    Have a great time playing broomball.

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