Hollywood neighborhood news

Kairos is located in the East Hollywood neighborhood. Within this neighborhood there are smaller little neighborhoods…. like Little Armenia, Thai Town, etc.


This last week on April 24th — Little Armenia commemorated the Armenian genocide of 1915.

Truth be told, I was not even aware of the Armenian genocide before we flew out a year ago, to look for schools & housing before we moved out here.

It was a really big deal out here in the neighborhood. All of the Armenian kids my children go to school with, took the day off from school. Many of the Armenian businesses were closed & it seemed like all of the cars on the streets were flying the Armenian colors…



One thing that we absolutely love about living out here — is this city opens you up to so many different cultures, countries, and world events. Not even knowing anything about the Armenian genocide – makes me wonder sometimes about how parochial my world-view maybe was for many years.

Interestingly, Caleb especially out of all of us — enjoys that.

Who knows — maybe he will be called to other cultures. I hope so.


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