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pray for children’s school

A couple of days ago, our kids’ school experienced a ‘lock-down’ because of a huge fight on the soccer field. To my understanding, it started between an African-American girl & an Armenian boy — but it escalated from there along ethnic lines. The African-Americans & Hispanics vs. the Armenians.

Here is an on-line article on the school from the local news station.

Racial Tensions Run High at Middle School — Racial tensions seem to still be high at Thomas Starr King Middle School among the students who are primarily Hispanic, African-American and Armenian.

Pray that my children can bring peace (maybe in just one relationship, to just one child). That they can know what to say, and how to say it, they would know when to intervene in a situation, and when not to & that they would be safe !


voice of the day

God acts mercifully not by contradicting his justice but by doing what is over and above it …. Mercy does not displace justice; rather it is the fullness of justice.

Thomas Aquinas — 1224-1274, Italian theologian and philosopher.



I used to be much more into politics. I read the Wall Street Journal editorial page ‘religiously’ for years, followed the Supreme Court rulings, knew how many Senators voted on many different bills, etc. etc.

I don’t know if I have grown more cynical over the years, or more wise 🙂 , or maybe I feel like I have much more important things to occupy my time with… — but it does not hold a ton of interest for me these days.

I did come across an interesting quote the other day about politics in general by Thomas Merton.


According to Wikipedia — Merton was was one of the most influential Catholic authors of the 20th century. A Trappist monk of the Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani, in the American state of Kentucky, Merton was an acclaimed Catholic theologian, poet, author and social activist.

Anyway here is the quote…

I believe the basis for valid political action can only be the recognition that the true solution to our problems is not accessible to any one isolated party or nation but that all must arrive at it by working together.  Thomas Merton

LA Galaxy clinic & game

We heard about a soccer clinic that the L.A. Galaxy sponsored for ‘kids in the city’. (for any non-soccer people — the Galaxy are the professional soccer team here in LA)


So Caleb wanted to ask a friend from school — Rudy.


They had a blast. They did a bunch of drills, learned some things & got some autographs (not from David Beckham unfortunately — he is not in LA yet).



The best part of it — we got some tickets to go to the Galaxy game last weekend…



interesting quote

bg_blockquote1.gifWhen grave persons express their fear that England is relapsing into Paganism, I am tempted to reply, ‘Would that she were.’ For I do not think it at all likely that we shall ever see Parliament opened by the slaughtering of a garlanded white bull in the House of Lords or Cabinet Ministers leaving sandwiches in Hyde Park as an offering for the Dryads. If such a state of affairs came about, then the Christian apologist would have something to work on. For a Pagan, as history shows, is a man eminently convertible to Christianity. He is, essentially, the pre-Christian, or sub-Christian, religious man. The post Christian man of our own day differs from his as much as a divorcee differs from a virgin. The Christian and the Pagan have much more in common with one another than either has with the writers of the New Statesman; and those writers would of course agree with me.â€? – C.S.Lewis, ‘Is Theism Important? A Reply‘, Socratic Digest (1952)

voice of the day

bg_blockquote.gif We fear so deeply what we think other people see in us, so we talk in order to straighten out thier understanding. … One of the fruits of silence is the freedom to let our justification rest entirely with God.Richard Foster

from Celebration of Discipline

men’s camping trip

so, Caleb & I are going with about 20 guys from Kairos out into the wilderness in a couple of weekends. I don’t know if camping is the correct term — more like wilderness survival. We are going out hours from civilization, hike way out somewhere, we will make our own camp sites, leave no trace behind the next day & hike some more. (hopefully I won’t disappear without a trace 🙂 )

For anyone that knows me well — they know — this is way (& I mean way) out of my comfort zone.

Yikes – wish me well out here….