Hitchens vs Hitchens

A great article from Peter Hitchens, the brother of Christopher Hitchens, who wrote the recent tirade against religion, God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything

This is how Pastor Andy McQuitty describes the book, and his brother’s response to it…

“Spurred on by the atrocities of Islamic terrorism and the resulting wars around the world, Hitchens waxes eloquent about his theory that Islam is just the latest example of religion run amuck, that all religions are morally equivalent, and that if any religion has caused trouble in world history, all religion is to be condemned.”

“Christopher’s atheism is no surprise to me or anyone acquainted with his writings. What I didn’t know is that he has a brother (3 years younger) who is a believer. It’s almost as if Peter is Christopher’s alter ego: Christopher is left, Peter is right; Christopher is an atheist, Peter a Christian; Christopher is pro-war, Peter is anti-war. They even look alike. Put a beard on Peter and they look startlingly similar. And they have the same sharp wit.”


“I’m indebted for this information to a (friend) who sent me the following link to a news article in which Peter directly takes on his brother’s new book. I’m including the link for you all because, well, it’s just a great article. I love the way Peter shows his love and respect for his brother while answering his atheism in a straightforward way. Any of you who interact with “anti-theist” like Christopher will definitely WANT TO LOOK AT THIS.


4 responses to “Hitchens vs Hitchens

  • Joshy

    Hugh Hewitt last week devoted all three hours of his show to what he called “the great God debate” it was Hitchens against mark Roberts who’s new book is called “can we trust the Gospels?” you can listen to the debate by going to Hugh’s website. It was very interesting. It can be very conflicting to listen to such a debate and more to the point to listen to a well educated atheist such as Hitchens. On one hand you hear what he says and in your head you think of all the different ways you could refute what he is saying or show how he is misrepresenting the christian faith (and in many cases he is just miss informed), however on the other hand if you can fight past that urge you also can hear someone raise some very good questions about faith and creation. Questions that are hard to wrestle with.

    Past all of that though it is striking to me how it seems so apparent that past all the reasons why he (or any atheist for that matter) can come up with why not to believe there always seems to be something deeper that is behind it. something that is even less seldom talked about. Something that happens in the core of people that causes this unbelief. I don’t pretend to know what it is, it just seems apparent.

    like cheez-its. nobody knows really what is so amazing about this tiny heaven filled cracker, but it is something that hits us all at the core of who we are. Something we are afraid to talk about in fear that it will disappear upon being revealed. I take comfort in knowing that although I do not understand this cracker I know that it will always be there for me due to the stock pile I have been creating since the age of 11.

  • greglarson

    Josh — I laughed out loud when I read this. You had some very deep thoughts here — about creation, philosophy, atheism, belief &…… cheez-its.
    I miss you buddy. We will talk soon. Can you call me (or i will try to call you) on your commute?

  • Joshy

    yeah lets definitely hook up via phone soon. I will try you in the next couple of days.

    by the way for the vast reading audience that hit this blog on an hourly basis (just joking) Mark Roberts has a blog where he is goinging through Hitchens book and presenting his findings and countering some of the errors. it is worth a look. markdroberts.com

  • nneqldypzi

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