Alex, my German friend

I met Alex my friend from Kairos for lunch…


L.A. is terrible for driving — but if you are going from Hollywood to downtown — it couldn’t be easier.

From our duplex, to parking the car, to getting on the subway…



– to getting downtown…


– it can be done in as little as 25 minutes. (which in L.A. terms — is next to nothing).

Anyway, he took me to this amazing Vietnamese restaurant. I think I have a new favorite food — it is called Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup….


After lunch we went to this great little coffee shop tucked away at the end of a downtown alley…


It was a really nice time, and to end our lunch – we took this ridiculous self-portrait…



2 responses to “Alex, my German friend

  • Dan

    Heather and I loved eating Pho in Garden Grove in Orange County where there is a vibrant Vietnamese population (Little Saigon is there).

    Thankfully, we found a little hole-in-the-wall joint on “eat street” on Nicollet in Minneapolis that has the best Pho we’ve had in years… it matches the Pho we had in California.

    Glad you got introduced to Pho… it’s food for the soul, man.

  • Greg

    it is good for the soul! It was amazing how good it is.

    I don’t venture down to Orange County much, so have not been to Little Saigon (maybe I am too much of a urban snob 🙂

    Alex did say though there are some more great Vietnamese places in Chinatown – that we are going to check out.
    peace- Greg

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