you know it is LA when…

…there is absolutely no change in seasons.


A good friend of ours from Kairos — Kristi , said this about living in LA…

“feels like living in limbo. As in, I grew up in a place with 4 distinct seasons. … Without those environmental cues, time seems to just sort of hang…rather than march steadily on. Where did the last year of life go…? Where did the last month go?

2 responses to “you know it is LA when…

  • Heather McNiel

    This experience cuts both ways…Minnesota, with its distinct fall, winter, spring, and summer seasons, was very strange and new to Dan. He said it made him feel very weird to realize the natural world around him was changing, rather than simply providing a constant, unchanging backdrop.

  • greglarson

    You are right — if you were not raised in an environment with seasons, & then move there — I bet that is strange also.

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