bridge collapse

I was away for a few days in MN taking a seminary class. (an ‘intensive’ where you cram 40 hours of class time in a single week). Anyway, am back in L.A. now, and Michelle and I were in the car yesterday, and heard the news about the bridge collapse in Minneapolis.




This bridge, which is one of the busiest in the state of MN, is only about 5 minutes from where we used to live in Minneapolis. And I drove over this bridge a few times last week.

I got a few emails from Mpls people this morning, letting me know they are okay & were not anywhere close to the collapse. One of the really sad stories on the I read online was about a couple of people who were pinned in their cars & they could not get them out & how they told rescue workers to pass on their final good-byes to their families.


2 responses to “bridge collapse

  • ann

    There’s nothing like getting calls and emails from all over the country to make you feel loved. From what I hear, no one from the Rock was hurt, tho there were some close calls. Thank God for his protection!

  • Greg

    Ann, you are right — it does make one feel loved.

    Thanks for letting me know about those we know. I was wondering about that.

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