summer & ceremonial tea

I have been away for far too long this month. Besides helping to plant this church out here in Hollywood, I began a Masters program this summer that has been totally kicking my butt. I really enjoyed it, and I enjoy it even more now that I am done for 5 weeks!

Also, I got a very part-time job at a local coffee house – to get outside the walls of the church, however — all of that being said — I feel like even though it is summer, I have been putting in weeks of 50+ hours at church, 20 hours for school, and 10+ hours as a barista — & I really cannot believe this summer is already almost over.

Anyway, I did finally get a chance to connect with my good friend Eugene. I think I have mentioned this before, Eugene and his wife Eun Chu are moving to China in January, heading up a local university’s China program — but with long-term plans to start up international schools over there– he has an amazing vision.

He had me over for a few hours and we just talked. Among other things, he had me partake in a Chinese ceremonial tea (I think that is what he called it). It was fascinating, and fun, and intriguing. There really is a unique way to drink this tea.

Here Eugene is explaining about keeping the air bubble with the robust aroma in the top of the cup as it is upside down.


Then you slowly twist it out…


so that you can lift it to your nose to get the full aroma as you slide it between your hands.



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