Lu – the movie critic

Lu, a good friend of mine, is one of the best movie critics I know (just for the record, he does not do it for a living like Roger Ebert – just on the side).

What I love is that he mostly reviews indie-type of films, and others off of the radar screen of most people. I have taken his suggestions a number of times to rent movies, and have never been disappointed. Here is his website- I also have it on my blog-roll on the side bar. So if you ever find yourself wandering around the Blockbuster store, not knowing what to rent — check-out his site.

This is his latest review:

“I have just posted a review of EVE & THE FIRE HORSE, a terrific film about a Chinese immigrant family living in Vancouver. Religion and culture clash in this sensitive and moving film. The two daughters are terrific. Roger Ebert says, “Luminous! One of the most beloved films at Sundance.” I have also posted a couple other VERY FAMILY FRIENDLY films. Enjoy.”



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