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astrophysics, cosmology & other words that I am unsure of…

So the other day Pastor Ed, from Hope Church (who pastors a church here in the Hollywood neighborhood who we partner with on a # of things, and who has become a mentor in many way to me), calls me up & says he needs to be at a funeral the next day and asks if I could fill in for him the following day at Glendale Community College, about 5-10 miles from here.


A Physics professor had asked Ed if he could come and speak at the Cosmology & Astrophysics club on the ‘coexistence of religion and science’, and since Ed could not do it, I thought — ‘why not, I could do that’. Then it dawned on me that I don’t even REALLY know what those words mean exactly, and I know just enough about Intelligent Design, authors like Richard Dawkins who wrote the God Delusion,


other ‘experts’ on both sides of the fence like Stephen Hawking, and Philip Johnson, and some interesting things that relate to spirituality regarding Quantum Physics. But seriously, I know just enough to be dangerous, and that is about it.

So, Pastor Ed sent me some notes to go off, and that morning I added some things, and deleted some things & went over there – really hoping about 5-10 people would show up. Well, about 50 people showed up including a couple of other Physics profs from the college. So needless to say, at the beginning I was scared spitless.

I thought a couple of times — I wish my philosopher friend Adam was here to help out with this!

Actually though, as it went along — it got better & easier, and even at the end — it was fun! The best part of all — is that 2 people seemed really interested in coming to Kairos, and one might show up this weekend. Pray for her if you would — her name is Andrea. Also, if you think of it, you can pray for the professor. I had a really good talk with him afterwards, and he seems very open to spiritual things.


Caleb & the grandparents

I know, I know — I probably talk too much about my family, but here goes again. Caleb just got done with one Hollywood neighborhood soccer league, and now the high school season is starting for him. It is a great way for him (& for the family) — to meet people in the area, and he loves soccer, and his dad can vicariously live through his son’s soccer exploits 🙂

…probably because I was never as good of an athlete, as somehow I thought I was 🙂

Anyway, my folks came out to see us a few weeks back, and here is a great shot of them with Caleb…


voice of the day

“Wherever you go, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.” -Jim Elliot


ministering together with my family

I want to say thanks to the Kairos community. You have welcomed & blessed my family since day one when we arrived here in LA. Thank you. This place & church has allowed our family to minister together in different ways & we are grateful.

– I think of the 16 or so people that we packed into our living room last night for canvas group, and Michelle and I talking with all of these Kairos folks and Elisabeth playing with the kids to keep them occupied, and Caleb hanging out with his new friend Louie.

– I think of serving together at the Fountain room preparing for a Kairos gathering with my wife preparing the room as a part of the ‘atmosphere team’


– I think of serving with Michelle, Caleb and Elisabeth at the 1x/month food giveaway for the mostly Armenian folks in the neighborhood. Here is a shot of the kids with our new friend Jesse, who is homeless, but has an unbelievably good attitude and is teaching me Spanish on the side…


a tale of 2 cities

I love LA! & at times, it drives me crazy.

One of the things that I love about LA is the Metro.



Now, to be sure, it should be way more extensive for the 2nd most populous city in America, but from Hollywood — if you want to get downtown — it is great. One of my ‘jobs’ (if you can call it that) with Kairos, is to meet with people, talk, counsel, encourage, challenge, share Jesus with, etc.

So I hop on the Metro, and meet with Dave who is in the same canvas (small) group as our family. After having a fantastic conversation with him, I jump on the Metro – after almost getting a $250 fine for having soda on the platform by an over-zealous Metro security guard (I kid you not). Only to get back to Hollywood and my car is no where in sight. It got towed! That is why LA drives me crazy at times. This town is tow crazy.

Now, this is the 1st time it has happened to me, and I have parked at least 10 times before in this same parking lot to ride the Metro — but this time they caught me 🙂

Not only that — but it cost $213.25 to get my car back. For someone on a limited budget (like many of us), that was like a kick in the groin. Oh well, that is LA for you. I do still love this town though.

my Lebanese friend

…have been getting to know a local watch repairmen / antique dealer — Ben. He is from Lebanon, and he has been educating me regarding the situation in Lebanon that is currently going on.


He is a great guy, who likes thick Lebanese coffee, and loves talking and interacting about many things, foreign policy being one of the main things. He has repaired my watch for free about 3 times now & refuses to take any payment for it.

I am learning much about the Muslim faith and things like Ramadan that he observed a couple of months back. Pray for him if you would.

Praying with the Psalms


Psalm 136:26 O give thanks to the God of heaven, for his steadfast love endures forever.

The phrase ‘his steadfast love endures forever’ has been repeated 26 times in this psalm. Will the repetitions dull our minds into a pious stupor? Or will they condition the reflexes of our spirits to respond with quick praise to any stimulus?

Prayer: O God, you do so many things in so many places — and I miss so much of it. I am lethargic in my responses, unbelieving in my reactions. I want to be more alive to the world of grace, more alert to the motions of mercy, more responsive to the descent of the Spirit. Amen. –Eugene Peterson