ministering together with my family

I want to say thanks to the Kairos community. You have welcomed & blessed my family since day one when we arrived here in LA. Thank you. This place & church has allowed our family to minister together in different ways & we are grateful.

– I think of the 16 or so people that we packed into our living room last night for canvas group, and Michelle and I talking with all of these Kairos folks and Elisabeth playing with the kids to keep them occupied, and Caleb hanging out with his new friend Louie.

– I think of serving together at the Fountain room preparing for a Kairos gathering with my wife preparing the room as a part of the ‘atmosphere team’


– I think of serving with Michelle, Caleb and Elisabeth at the 1x/month food giveaway for the mostly Armenian folks in the neighborhood. Here is a shot of the kids with our new friend Jesse, who is homeless, but has an unbelievably good attitude and is teaching me Spanish on the side…


2 responses to “ministering together with my family

  • Jeff

    I could relate to the graciousnes of your church. Sounds similar to our experience with Summit here in Orlando. Also, Greg, thanks for the link on your sight. As a result, Alex McManus (now living in Orlando) and I were able to get reconnected.

  • Greg

    Jeff, nice hearing from you. Glad to hear that you have found a home at Summit.
    Also, you are very welcome for the link. I did not know you knew Alex. I have only met him one time a few years back. A good friend of mine (Chad) and I came out to LA & went downtown to Mosaic & met Alex. He was really cool, & answered a bunch of questions.
    Anyway — hope you are well.

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