astrophysics, cosmology & other words that I am unsure of…

So the other day Pastor Ed, from Hope Church (who pastors a church here in the Hollywood neighborhood who we partner with on a # of things, and who has become a mentor in many way to me), calls me up & says he needs to be at a funeral the next day and asks if I could fill in for him the following day at Glendale Community College, about 5-10 miles from here.


A Physics professor had asked Ed if he could come and speak at the Cosmology & Astrophysics club on the ‘coexistence of religion and science’, and since Ed could not do it, I thought — ‘why not, I could do that’. Then it dawned on me that I don’t even REALLY know what those words mean exactly, and I know just enough about Intelligent Design, authors like Richard Dawkins who wrote the God Delusion,


other ‘experts’ on both sides of the fence like Stephen Hawking, and Philip Johnson, and some interesting things that relate to spirituality regarding Quantum Physics. But seriously, I know just enough to be dangerous, and that is about it.

So, Pastor Ed sent me some notes to go off, and that morning I added some things, and deleted some things & went over there – really hoping about 5-10 people would show up. Well, about 50 people showed up including a couple of other Physics profs from the college. So needless to say, at the beginning I was scared spitless.

I thought a couple of times — I wish my philosopher friend Adam was here to help out with this!

Actually though, as it went along — it got better & easier, and even at the end — it was fun! The best part of all — is that 2 people seemed really interested in coming to Kairos, and one might show up this weekend. Pray for her if you would — her name is Andrea. Also, if you think of it, you can pray for the professor. I had a really good talk with him afterwards, and he seems very open to spiritual things.


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