the opera & such

So one of the benefits of the kids going to LAUSD schools, is that at times they get unbelievable cultural opportunities. One such opportunity here last week was Caleb got to go to the LA Opera’s performance of La Boheme.


He said that where he sat, the teacher mentioned that the seats were $200/seat.

Speaking of opera – I was listening to NPR the other day, and they did a story on the winner of the Britain’s Got Talent contect — Paul Potts. (on an aside, the kids tease me about my NPR listening. I tell them the older one gets, the more one listens to NPR). He is an opera singer, and his story is quite amazing. He was a mobile phone salesman, and now he is known world-wide. Anyway, it was fascinating interview on NPR about his past, about how he won, and what his life has been like since then.

I noticed the youtube video of Pott’s initial tryout on the show on Adam’s blog, so I thought I would link to it here. Take a second to watch it if you would – I think it is pretty inspiring.


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