thoughts on Titus

So, I have been reading through Titus here lately, and at the very beginning of the book — there is an interesting thought (in the Message bible). I have never quite thought of it this way before…

“I, Paul, am God’s slave and Christ’s agent for promoting the faith among God’s chosen people, getting out the accurate word on God and how to respond rightly to it. My aim is to raise hopes by pointing the way to life without end. This is the life God promised long ago—and he doesn’t break promises! And then when the time was ripe, he went public with his truth. I’ve been entrusted to proclaim this Message by order of our Savior, God himself. Dear Titus, legitimate son in the faith: Receive everything God our Father and Jesus our Savior give you!”

It caused me to think of a friend of Caleb’s from school, whose father is an agent for writers here in Hollywood. It also, caused me to think of myself, and what my family and I are doing out here in Hollywood – in a little different way. We are agents — representing if you will, Jesus – to others in this community.

Now, I know that agent can also mean (from Websters) — an active cause, or a natural force or object producing, or used for obtaining specific results — but I especially like the definition: “a person or business authorized to act on another’s behalf”.

…just a simple thought from a simple guy here in Hollywood.


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