We Who Believe in Democracy


I dont know why, but for the last couple of years I have been tracking the political, economic and spiritual situation in Zimbabwe very closely. I love foreign policy, and Caleb and I talk about foreign policy a lot – but I am not sure if that is the only reason.

I think it has more to do with how my heart goes out to the sufferings of the people of Zimbabwe, and what has happened to that country since the idiot dictator Mugabe has taken over. It has gone from one of the strongest economies in Africa, to one of the weakest.

There was a very interesting article on the country and about opposition leaders who might lead after Mugabe is finally overthrown, or mercifully — finally dies off: Is there hope for a new Zimbabwe after Mugabe? This man is staking his life on it.
I would say ‘pray for Zimbabwe’, but not sure how many would. (not sure how often I even pray for the country). Maybe this post is to simply raise our awareness of the suffering that goes on in all parts of the world, and to pray that our lives and our churches would bring hope to each corner of our worlds — wherever that might be. That is my prayer for the Larson household, and for Kairos.


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