back on-line

Sorry, I have been away — it has been extremely frustrating with my laptop lately. It seems that my 3 year old Compaq presario’s screen is dying, and so am borrowing an external screen to get by…. I was told that the problem might be “either a faulty connection between the inverter and the fluorescent lamp or the inverter to the mainboard.” or another cause can be the “hardware failure of the actual inverter that is preventing it to raise the tension to the specified values.”

I dont have any idea what that all means, but the bottom line — is that it does not make sense to invest $100’s in this laptop. But again — God provides. A guy from Kairos — and a new friend I might add (Mike) who is helping me out — has a laptop that he does not use much any more, and he is willing to sell it to me for $100 !!! I will be getting that in about a week or so after he gets it all cleaned up for me.

So, I will just leave you with a couple of quick shots here today. My family went out with Simon to little India to watch a Bollywood movie.


Then we went out to eat at this authentic Indian restaurant….


Spending time with people of different backgrounds and cultures, is one of the absolutely best parts of what I do out here. And having my family just hang out with people, and in areas where they are almost always the minority is great for them. It makes me think of this quote that I talked about at Kairos this last weekend…

That the most important thing about a church is “…not, we can quickly add, to what the church SAYS, as vital as that is. Rather, through what the Church IS, namely the community in which men and women and children of every race color, social and cultural background come together in glad worship of the one true God. It is precisely this many sided, many colored, many splendoured identity of the church that makes the point. God’s wisdom, Paul is saying is like that too: like a many faceted diamond which twinkles and sparkles with all the colors and the rainbow.” –NT Wright


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