post weekend wedding

So, I got to fly to western Montana this past weekend to officiate a wedding for a Kairos couple — Amber and AJ. For whatever reason 🙂 they really wanted me to do the ceremony, so they flew me out there.

Only been to Montana one other time — years and years ago, and that was on the flat, eastern side. Not this side…


It was a great time, except for changing planes in Seattle, and getting on the smallest plane that I ever have flown on. The wheels seemed like you could reach out & touch them…


there was wildlife everywhere deer, elk, coyotes, that I saw from about 10 minutes from the airport…


It struck me afresh what a celebration it is, and also how solemn an occasion in some ways a wedding is — as I watched Amber & AJ recite their vows to be committed to each other for a lifetime.


It is such a shock, after driving out of the mountains – you get to drive through some of this…


to come home to LA and to leave LAX & to get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic like this…


Anyway, loved Montana, but I come home to the city of LA, and I take a deep breath of the smog-filled air, and I say — “I love this city. I am home.” It is interesting, because I was talking to a cowboy, rancher-type of guy in Montana and he said the same thing about the wide-open space of that state. To each his own I guess.


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