voice of the day

“Contemporary American churches in particular do not require following Christ in his example, spirit, and teachings as a condition of membership—either of entering into or continuing in fellowship of a denomination or a local church…. Most problems in contemporary churches can be explained by the fact that members have not yet decided to follow Christ.” Dallas Willard – The Spirit of the Disciplines


2 responses to “voice of the day

  • John

    That quote combined with the great title of that book just made me impulse-buy it on Amazon. 🙂

  • Greg Larson

    John – nice hearing from you. It is a great book, but then again anything from Willard is great.
    In my trip to Montana for a wedding, I met a guy working here in the states, but who grew up in east Germany. We had a couple of fantastic conversations regarding faith, atheism, church in the US, church in Germany, and much about Jesus. It was pretty cool.
    Hope you are well in Germany.

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