voice of the day

“I do not understand in order that I may believe; I believe in order that I may understand.”

– St. Anselm (1033-1109)



3 responses to “voice of the day

  • jagis

    that principle heavily influenced me to take the “deep plunge”. I think at the time I was an early believer, and I flipped past a televangalists (as you know, not my cup of tea) and he was talking about sitting on the fence and asking questions from the outside, or deciding to believe and asking questions from the inside (sort to speak). For someone like me that really made alot of sense. I felt (and still do) that it was better for me to have faith and believe and ask the questions that result from that, rather than to not be sure, make no descision, and ask questions that were only hindering me from moving forward with Jesus. The amazing thing is though I have many questions often still, they are different questions than the ones I thought were important to back then. I think when you are redeemed those questions that you once thought were so important fall away, and new ones come. I don’t pretend the new ones are easier but they carry a different weight. Maybe it’s that whole Jesus yolk is lighter thing.

    by the way, its snowing. were are suppose to get 2-5. MN misses you

    that is a great principle.

  • greglarson

    Josh — nice hearing from you ! I will add you to my blog roll — so you have to be blogging now.
    peace -greg

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