my Hollywood neighborhood

“Some worry that a proliferation of high-end projects will bury the charm of the storied area’s golden past.”

An interesting story in today’s LA Times about the gentrification blessings & curses that are coming upon Hollywood.

Construction cranes hover over Hollywood as the movie industry’s historic home undergoes another sweeping — and sometimes wrenching — transformation. ¶ More than a dozen multimillion-dollar projects have been announced, launched or just completed that promise new shopping and restaurants, thousands of new apartments and condominiums and towers of glass and steel. ¶ Glitzy clubs dot once-sketchy street corners. Residents swim atop the former Broadway department store at Hollywood and Vine. Construction projects cuddle up to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and are popping up in the shadow of the landmark Capitol Records tower. ¶ The changes can be both impressive and alarming to those who know Hollywood best. Residents and business owners marvel at the improvements around them. Yet they prize the lingering charm of Hollywood’s golden past and fear that the place they love is slipping away.

“My worst-case scenario is that it loses the special flavor that is unique to Hollywood,” said neighborhood activist Cheryl Holland, who has lived there for almost 20 years.

Read the rest of the article here : “Building boom gives Hollywood pause”


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