subway tour

So, we used our frequent flyer miles to have the kids visit Grandpa & Grandma, and some of the aunts/uncles & cousins in Minnesota. Michelle and I needed to stay here in Los Angeles. I was supposed to speak at Kairos last night, but I have something really weird going on with my neck, and it was so painful to move — that I had to had to have Joe from Kairos westside – fill in for me.

Anyway, earlier this weekend when I was feeling better — Michelle and I did get to go on an art tour of LA’s subway system…

We met at the Metro station – across from the El Capitan Theatre, and next to the Kodak theater…

Then we visited about 6 different stops on the Red Line, and had a city Art volunteer – describe the murals, mosaics, and designs that are different at each stop. It was fascinating. I have used the subway a fair amount, but have walked by much of this art, without really looking at it, or without knowing the history and the different themes of each stop…


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