So, Michelle and I had…

So, Michelle and I had a phenomenal afternoon. The kids are still in Minnesota so we still like we’re have a little bit of vacation time almost and we saw, probably the best movie I’ve seen in months and months, it’s called The Visitor. I will post some pictures later tonight but if you can, go see the movie, it was a phenomenal movie and yeah, just wanted to update you on what’s new in Greg’s world. See you. listen

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Update: our very good friend, and world-traveler – Chinelo, actually knows one of the main people in the movie — Zainab (the girlfriend) — that is a crazy small world.

Here is the trailer…


2 responses to “So, Michelle and I had…

  • Chinelo

    Hey! You saw The Visitor! 🙂 I’m really excited about this movie, because my classmate Danai from Macalester is in it; she plays Zainab (the girlfriend). It’s her first major role, so it’s exciting for her…and for her Mac family! 🙂

    I’ve been seeing the advertisements all over the London Underground stations, and it’s surreal seeing her face. But I’m looking forward to seeing the film here; I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Hope you and your family are doing well! Blessings to you!

  • gregorylarson

    Chinelo — great hearing from you! How is London, and classes, and life, etc. ??
    That is so wild that you know her — what a small world. Yes, go see the movie. It is one of those movies that really stuck to me — I woke up this morning thinking about it.
    Let us know what is up in your world.
    peace – Greg & Michelle

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