5.4 quake rocks Los Angeles area

I have been away for a loooong time from my blog. Many reasons — but the biggest is that I am taking an intensive (5 hours/day) Spanish class in East L.A. right now & it is consuming my time this month with class, travel time, and studying — however, I hope to be getting better with my Spanish & maybe even fluent some day. I have been saying for a year and a half, how I really would like to learn Spanish, and if I dont make the commitment to doing it, I never will get into it.The great part of the class, is that I am taking it with Caleb. That part has made it all worth while.

Anyway, I thought I would get back into the blog world with an update on the earthquake that hit L.A. It was the first one that I have felt here in LA, and it was really freaky. I just got back home about 11a from Kairos (every Tuesday there are tons of people who show up for a food-giveaway that is done in conjunction with a couple of different ministries), and we were just getting done eating lunch & Caleb & I were getting ready to leave for our Spanish class — when the earthquake hit. It is strange trying to describe it — it felt like our whole duplex was moving — almost like a boat on an ocean (but just for about 15 seconds) & then it is over. We all looked at each other a little scared and excited at the same time (on a side note, Elisabeth was in the shower & did not feel a thing ??!!)

Here are a couple of shots from around L.A. —

Bricks from a building litter an alley at 2nd Street and Park Avenue in Pomona.

And a store in the epicenter of the quake…


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