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California is another country

Great Garrison Keillor quote sent to me from a good friend (Mark):

“California is another country. You wake up in the morning and New York is already on its first coffee, and the first scandal has broken in Washington, one more Republican crony caught with his hand in the honey pot. It all feels very far away.

You wake up, your laptop is full of e-mails but you’re in California so you don’t have to reply to them. Your e-mailers imagine that you are busy attending some sort of Mayan fertility ceremony on a beach, bare-chested men whanging on little drums, dinging bells, naked children strewing blossoms in the surf, a priestess in a white caftan playing a Peruvian flute. Stereotypes live forever. The California I know is a land of gorgeously normal people, serious, reverent, clean, agile men and women, athletic nerds who love to surf and hike and shoot hoops and also read Frederick Buechner, listen to Bach. I grew up thinking you had to choose between smart and sexy; in California they think you can have it all.

They are less jittery than us flatlanders: disaster does not terrify them. They roll with earthquakes, the landscape ripples, the china clinks, and so what, it’s only an earthquake. Giant mudslides and brush fires—you ride them out and you move on.”


the athletes that did not make the Olympics

Now that these amazing Olympics are over — here is a short video on the ones that did not make the cut…

our daughter

I can hardly believe my eyes, but our daughter Elisabeth just turned 13 yesterday ??!!

That is not possible – is it?

Here is a picture of her from this summer at a wedding we went to (Josh & Kristie – two dear friends at Kairos, asked me to officiate the wedding, and Caleb and Elisabeth were in the wedding party):

Happy birthday our dear daughter. Mom & I love you as much as parents can love a daughter. You are an amazing young woman.

another quote by Dallas

Well, my Spanish class is finally over. It has been great, but not sure if I will take that kind of intensive class again — but it has really whetted my appetite for more Spanish.

Anyway now that I have a little bit more time — I came across a quote from one of my favorite authors, and mentors Dallas Willard.

“What I would like to do for people is to present the life in Christ as something that is accessible and as something that works. So that all of the wonderful phraseology (like you find in Ephesians 4, Galatians 5, Colossians 3, 1 Corinthians 13, or Matthew 5) doesn’t just sit over there like a Platonic Form, out of reach, where you’re just able to see enough of it to feel guilty. It doesn’t just have to do with forgiveness, but more than anything it has to do with a relationship to real life.”

A life in following Jesus… a Real life. That sounds pretty attractive  to me, and just what the world needs.

Shalom to you my friends. -greg