the insidious challenge of consumerism

Before you read this quote below — know that I in no way think that I am above this. Maybe that is why it connected with me – is because I see the inroads that consumerism has gotten with me.
“I have come to the conclusion that for we who live in the Western world, the major challenge to the viability of Christianity is not Buddhism, with all its philosophical appeal to the Western mind, nor is it Islam, with all the challenge that it poses to Western culture. It is not the New Age that poses such a threat; in fact, because there is a genuine search going on in new religious movements, it can actually be an asset to we who are willing to share the faith amidst the search. All these are challenges to us, no doubt, but I have come to believe that the major threat to the viability of our faith is that of consumerism. This is a far more heinous and insidious challenge to the gospel, because in so many ways it infects each and every one of us.”
Alan Hirsch, The Forgotten Ways
(via: Dustin)

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