fires in L.A.

A friend of mine who ironically, — used to live in L.A. (but now lives in MN) — emailed this picture to me about the fires in the L.A. area…

Maybe because I did not grow up out here, but it continually amazes me — how many fires happen on a yearly basis in the southern California area. Maybe I was just naive before moving out here, or simply unaware — but it is really crazy how many fires spring up because of the stupidity of someone starting a fire, or the combination of the heat, lack of rain, the Santa Ana winds, etc.

Some places have hurricane season, some the rainy season, — we have the fire season.


4 responses to “fires in L.A.

  • Barb Johnson

    Hey, Greg! Here’s a voice from the past 🙂 I was just surfing around and decided to look you guys up. I am glad to see that you all are doing well.

    Life’s good here. We’ve added a few more kids since you left 🙂 Aside from that we’re loving the Lord and enjoying life.

    Barb & Chris

  • gregorylarson

    Barb — that is a blast from the past !!??
    We have not connected for years & years…

    I am glad to hear that life is good for you.
    say hello to Chris from us.

    thanks so much for saying hello.
    Greg & Michelle

  • kevin s.

    What’s weird is that, the first year I was in CA, it rained and there were floods everywhere. One of our eucalytpus trees fell and killed two Pomona students.

    We didn’t have a good, honest fire season the whole time I was there. Maybe God was withholding judgment because I was there. Don’t know what that says about you, though 🙂

  • Greg

    that is strange — it seems like from what I hear — fires are a yearly occurrence. (but you might be right — maybe it is simply god’s judgment on me??!!)

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