foto Friday

The family and I went to the Getty a little while back. An amazing, unbelievable museum (& much more…) on the west side of L.A.

It has some of the best art collections in the city…

We also, saw an other-worldly exhibition of the works of Bernini (Gian Lorenzo Bernini (Italian, 1598–1680) and his contemporaries in Rome transformed the portrait bust into a groundbreaking art form. With dazzling virtuosity, these artists were able to coax the living presence and personality of their sitters—creating a “speaking likeness”—from the intractable medium of stone.)

There were some great views of the city also (which you could make out through the smog…)

a couple of shots of the family, waiting for the tram to get to the top of the ‘mountain’ & see the Getty…


2 responses to “foto Friday

  • Dan Yim

    The Getty’s pretty cool. I miss it. You guys look so “L.A.”

    I’m going to put on some plaid and flannels and take a photo of myself and send it to you. Wait, make that fleece.

    Heh heh,

  • gregory

    dan — yes, please send me some MN clothing fotos. maybe a shot of you wearing full-length long underwear. (from October thru April) 🙂

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