some thoughts from a creative friend…

I have a friend (Matt) — who used to go to my church in Minneapolis (the Rock). He went to seminary and now he is a pastor in NW Iowa. He is extremely creative, and out of the box (as pastors go that is…). Mmaybe I can convince him to move out to L.A. someday 🙂 Actually, I don’t think that will happen as he seems to love where God has him.

Anyway, he emailed me this in response to an email newsletter that I had sent him. I was blessed by it.

“Sunday, over the midnight hours I was sitting in the black – on the floor – in the living room. My only light: a computer screen. Literally!

Reading an email from a friend in Los Angeles .
– I began to think about location & distance.
– I was sitting in NW Iowa
– But I was gone / experiencing LA with my friend.
– Just for a moment, wanting to be there

As I was dreaming, reading, thinking – I was also listening.
– Ears hidden. Tucked inside headphones
– Listening to some utterly brilliant & beautifully bizarre electronic music from Berlin / then London .
– Again, I was sitting in NW Iowa
– But I was now transcending space & time.
– Music is one of those things that can do that.
– Take you away. Well, I was there – I was in another world.
– I was gone: drifting / dreaming.

Then I caught the song title as it scrolled across the screen: “Iniquity.”
– “Iniquity!” That sounds like sin.
– I can relate to that
– I experience that (hand on chest) HERE

Next: another song / another title: “It’s Not the End.”
– “It’s Not the End!” That sounds like hope.
– I can relate to that
– I experience that (hand on chest) HERE

It made made me think / It reminded me.
– NW IOWA , Berlin , LA , London , LaLaLand
– Wherever we are God reaches out to us – somehow – someway – to remind us
– Who we are (and),
– Who He is

o Seeker & Savior
o Giving grace / meaning / hope
o Glory be to God!!

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