voice of the day

So, last weekend I was supposed to speak at Kairos, but got really sick (for the 2nd time in week) –Michelle thought that I should go into the doctor to see if I had pneumonia. naaaaahhh -I dont need to I thought.
Well, looking back — maybe I should have. but I do feel better now.

Anyway, I had this great, & I mean great talk put together 🙂
About Isaiah 61, Leviticus 25, Luke 4, etc…. regarding the Jubilee.
Well, suffice to say — I did not give it, but Dave (a Fuller student, friend, Kairos intern, and theologian) — emailed me this quote today.

“Walter Brueggemann preached at Mars Hill (in Michigan) and he said something about jubilee that reminded me of what we talked about last week. I thought I’d pass it on to you:

‘I have never talked about [Jubilee] with pastors or seminarians or anybody where someobody doesn’t raise their hand and say “there’s no evidence that they ever really did this, is there?” It’s the only text that people ever say that about. Because people intuitively recognize that it’s the most dangerous text in the Bible. It’s the most dangerous commandment from God, that neighborliness should impinge upon our private economic well being. And my answer to that
is: ‘Well, this book is filled with stuff that hasn’t been tried yet.
So why don’t we try that?’ ”

Yes, lets do that — lets try.


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