Friday pop culture

Top 5 movies of the week:

Top Five Movies
1. Paul Blart: Mall Cop (PG)
2. Gran Torino (R)
3. My Bloody Valentine (3D) (R)
4. Notorious (R)
5. Hotel for Dogs (PG)

Well, not a pack of winners I would say. I did see #2 on the list though — Gran Torino, and enjoyed it.
I went with my neighbor Tommy who is an aspiring director & with Caleb. Caleb loved it. Surprisingly, I thought the acting was just so-so at best (even Eastwood’s character was a little over the top), but the Story was so powerful, that I ended up really liking it.

I liked the fact that it was morally complicated (as life is), and that it surprised me.
I guess more than anything, the theme of ‘redemption’ was more powerful in this movie than most I have seen.
Go see it, if you have not & enjoy it. The theme can be intense, and the language even more so. If that makes you squeamish, maybe you should skip it.

Also, the Oscar nominee list is out…


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