theology Tuesday – viva la city !!!


A great quote from Tim Keller on the need for evangelicals in the city and urban areas. Some of this I think is obvious, but maybe not as much as I assume…

“We have to have Christians and churches everywhere, but the fact is that evangelical churches are the least urban loving churches or religious communities in the land. Jews, Muslims, Catholics are all much more represented in the city than evangelicals. White evangelicals don’t really like the cities and I cant help but feel that we don’t like being around those who are not like us. If evangelicals have a chance they get out of urban areas as fast as they can.”


“But the city is so strategic because it where the poor are when they 1st come here to this country. It is also where students and young professionals live before they get married and move out to the rest of the country. It is so crucial, that if we do not have really vital Christian communities in the major cities in the world, we simply will not be reaching the world for Christ.”


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