Lloyd-Jones on preaching…

Martyn Lloyd-Jones on preaching as more than technique

The good Doctor as quoted in Lloyd-Jones: Messenger of Grace:
“The recovery of great preaching involves the renewal of faith. The origin of preaching is in the heart, not in the head, nor in reasoned argument but in the passionate conviction of the human heart. Hence preaching is a gift of the Holy Spirit for which we must hope and pray.”

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3 responses to “Lloyd-Jones on preaching…

  • Dan Yim

    Hmm… sounds like he’s trading in false dichotomies.

    head v. heart
    reason v. passion
    Holy Spirit v. diligent (human) effort

    I get what he’s saying and all… but it seems to me unfortunate that it sounds like an opposition of elements that are in fact consistent.

    But his deeper point I think is a good one — viz., that reaching people through preaching is not merely a matter of engineering a sermon outline.

  • gregorylarson

    dan — yes, i agree. there are some false dichotomies going on here (especially for a philosopher like you 🙂
    what I do like though is the : “passionate conviction of the human heart.”
    preaching is not just passion, & it surely is more than simply engineering a sermon outline — but i like his emphasis that it has to be something that is from the overflow of the heart (the passions of our life) — that comes out of our mouths.
    hey, thought you ‘d be interested — Dallas is coming up to Hollywood to speak to some of us at Kairos on Saturday, May 9th.
    looking forward to having him.

  • Another Dan

    John MacArthur speaking against the idea of clever “salesman evangelism.”

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