Garrison Keillor on preaching

A quote by Keilor, that I would not have expected:

“I’ve heard a lot of sermons in the past 10 years or so that make me want to get up and walk out. They’re secular, psychological, self-help sermons. Friendly, but of no use. They didn’t make you straighten up. They didn’t give you anything hard.
…At some point and in some way, a sermon has to direct people toward the death of Christ and the campaign that God has waged over the centuries to get our attention.”
(Garrison Keillor, Leadership, Vol. 6, no. 3)

HT: DashHouse


3 responses to “Garrison Keillor on preaching

  • Mike

    Wow. I’m a big GK fan, and this certainly is unexpected. Apparently GK has not been able to attend Mars Hill in Seattle yet. There he’d be confronted with the death and ressurrection of Christ head on.

    Altogether well said by GK, though. I have to agree that a lot of our brothers behind the pulpit have sold their huevos trying to be seeker friendly.

  • gregorylarson

    yes, that is pretty surprising — isnt it?
    sounds like you enjoy Driscoll’s preaching.

    i laughed out loud when i read your last sentence there Mike.
    be well my friend.

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