music Monday (or mourning Monday)

Well, it is Monday, but I feel like I am mourning today for a couple of reasons. One is that I am mourning for the lost days that I have had lately. Days that I will not get back because I have been too sick, to simply get out of bed. Seriously, those days are the most frustrating for me. I look back & I feel like I did nothing, let me repeat – nothing, for 4 days. & today, my whole body is sore all over like I just ran a marathon, or was in some epic battle or something.
The only epic battle that I have been in has been rolling out of bed & shuffling to the bathroom.

The other thing (that i am mourning) is that we took our son Caleb to LAX yesterday (my only trip outside in these 4 days…) I wished I had not been so under the weather on his last day in LA, but regardless he was excited to go off on his big adventure. He is going for 7 weeks to a Spanish immersion school in Chihuahua, Mexico & living with a Mexican family.

I am hoping & expecting that he comes back fluent and that it will be a trip of a lifetime for him. So I’m excited for him but sad for myself. I’m really going to miss him for this many weeks. The house already feels very empty without him.


Sending Caleb to the middle of Mexico to deal with the drug cartels, and the swine flu — is surely not as risky as this!

Well, on a positive note — here is a song my daughter shared with me recently. I hope you enjoy…

Death Cab for Cutie – Little Bribes from Ross Ching on Vimeo.

(sorry it wont imbed into my blog for some reason…)


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