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U.S. soccer — goal of the year

The votes are in & here is the goal of the year. Donovan’s goal to put the US up 2-0 against Brazil.
uggghhh – they should have won that match. Oh well, here is Landon explaining the goal

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more about "100 Percent Soccer", posted with vodpod

& here is the goal:


quote of the day

nulla tenaci invia est via:
— for the tenacious no road is impassable

Music Monday

God Don’t Never Change

Trouble in Turkey for Patriarch Bartholomew – Ben Witherington on the Bible and Culture

What Remains of Eastern Orthodoxy in Turkey

“60 Minutes did a fascinating segment on Eastern Orthodoxy and the remnant of Christians still living in modern day Turkey, often under persecution. If you watch this video, you’ll see beautiful pictures of some of the oldest Christian church buildings still in existence. The video ends with the ecumenical patriarch saying,
We prefer to stay here, even crucified sometimes. Because in the gospel it is given to us, not only to believe in Christ, but to suffer for Christ. We believe in the resurrection. After the crucifixion, resurrection comes.
HT: Kingdom People

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Saturday links…

…from surfing the blogosphere – from this past week

How a Reformed Church Overthrew Communism in Romania

In Detroit, Some See Grounds for Church Planting
…Congregations Take Root in Depressed Areas, but City’s Deep Burdens Sometimes Hinder Mission

Don’t write off the seniors

Burger King Health Clinics & Christmas humbug

Aston Villa is 4th — (yes 4th!) in the Premier league.
O’Neill says it is not time to get complacent though…

fantastic video of a LAPD officer -Deon

* Deon

How God is using an LAPD officer to make a difference in one of the most dangerous places in the country, Skid Row.

quote of the day – the most shocking thing

“Then comes the real shock. There suddenly turns up a man who goes about talking as if He was God. He claims to forgive sins. He says He has always existed. He says He is coming to judge the world at the end of time. Now let us get this clear. Among Pantheists, like the Indians, anyone might say that he was part of God, or one with God: there would be nothing very odd about it. But this man, since He was a Jew, could not mean that kind of God. God, in their language, meant the Being outside the world who had made it and was infinitely different from anything else. And when you have grasped that, you will see that what this man said was, quite simply, the most shocking thing that has ever been uttered by human lips.”
— C.S. Lewis