This American Life

could not have said it better myself:

This is from DashHouse:
“If you don’t listen to This American Life, you’re missing out. Seriously. You can subscribe to the podcast for free on iTunes.
Even if you don’t listen to it, this week’s episode is worth hearing, especially if you either preach or listen to preachers. You can download the (MP3). If you’re short on time, skip to “Act Two: I’d Like to Spank the Academy.” It starts at 42:28 in the recording.
The scene is a debate held at the University of Montevallo. The debate is funny and seemingly a success, until the devil’s advocate gets up at the end to challenge what’s happened. He has a message that every preacher should hear. They apply it to politics in the podcast, but I’m convinced it equally applies to preaching.

Have a listen. It’s worth the 16 minutes. Pass the message on: care about substance.”


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