water to my soul

…have read a few comments from people (on blogs, twitter, etc.) — about another big, huge, fantastic conference that they are at, or will be attending. A couple of people have even mentioned : “I am addicted to going to conferences…” (honestly, I think they meant that in a good way)
…makes one want to throw up to be honest.

That is why when I read this – it was refreshing (via Ben Sternke) :

“…the “big event” mentality of many Christians is a dead-end.

Apparently Dallas Willard agrees:

Among the many misunderstandings Jesus had to counteract in his teaching was the one that held the kingdom to be some gigantic event in some special place. This was human thinking about human kingdoms, which always fit that description. He was constantly faced with people who wanted to know when the kingdom of God was coming. When is the big commotion? He patiently replied that the kingdom of God was not that kind of thing. It was simply God reigning, governing. It is not a special event you could see happening over here or possibly over there. “Now look,” he said, “the kingdom of God is right here among you” (Luke 17:20-21, paraphrase). His main sermon line was: “Get a new thought! The kingdom of the heavens is available to you from right where you are!” (Matt 4:17, paraphrase). – Knowing Christ Today, p 153.


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