Saturday links

some links that I have read this week…

Vietnam – 35 years later…

Tim Keller – The Both/And of the Gospel
The 21st century church often polarizes itself into those who are culturally engaged, missionally minded and socially involved and those who emphasize the preservation and preaching of orthodox doctrine and evangelism. The former accuse the latter of truncating the story of God’s purposes in this world. The latter believe that in reaching for cultural relevance the former are letting go of Biblical truth. Both groups are right in their concerns and wrong in their response.
a link…

Tim Keller on Justification and Justice: The Both/And Gospel

…& related to this — Mission & Justice on Capital Hill

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill – shown in graph

Dallas Willard on How We Assess Spiritual Growth
It is possible, but often not very encouraging.

this is the reason why i am in ministry…

Daily Rhythms

Do You Find People Annoyed by Cell Phone Users Annoying?

Our Sufficiency is from God

God doesn’t need super stars. What He needs are men and women who are putting their hand to what their heart prompts. And when you put your hand to what your heart prompts, something’s integrated, something’s ignited and what you’re doing when you put your hand to what your heart prompts is practicing the things that the Spirit of God is stirring in your heart. Practice these things.
~David Johnson


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