a subversive thought by Dallas Willard

maybe, just maybe – we are at this point in the state of our churches not ‘in spite’ of what we are doing, but exactly ‘because of’ what we are doing…

“But now let us try on a subversive thought. Suppose our failures occur, not in spite of what we are doing, but precisely because of it. Suppose, to illustrate, that the educators who guide our school systems seriously considered the possibility that the low attainments of American schoolchildren are not in spite of what is done with them in school, but largely because of what they are taught and how they are taught.

Or suppose that our national legislature began to think that our failure to come to grips with the national debt or violence in the streets is not in spite of what the legislature does, but because of it.

It may be hard to take such a suggestion seriously, but to do so might well provide a basis for genuine solutions to problems that now seem unsolvable.

A leading American pastor laments, “Why is today’s church so weak… have less and less impact on our culture? Why are Christians indistinguishable from the world?” Should we not at least consider the possibility that this poor result is not in spite of what we teach and how we teach, but precisely because of it?” –Dallas Willard


One response to “a subversive thought by Dallas Willard

  • Maria

    smart man, that dallas willard. i conquer. now, just to figure out what it is that we are doing wrong and then on to fixing it…!

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