Saturday links…

Summer is here ! (the big picture)

Wells or fences? (centered-set vs. bounded-set?) — Great Article! (a great way to ask hard questions about the community you are in (if they are open to questions…))

Spain’s style has a distinctly Dutch imprint

Funniest.Email.Exchange… Ever.

Confirms the stereotypes of Christians as hopelessly stupid and/or ignorant…

Difficult subjects in the church

What did Jesus look like & does it matter?

What’s your continual prayer?

A Ray of Hope in South Florida (not about Lebron)
good quote(s)

“I said that if our ministry was not attracting the same kinds of people that Jesus attracted, then we were not preaching the same message that Jesus preached.”
“I learned that God’s capacity to clean things up is infinitely greater than our human capacity to mess things up.”

Should the church meets my needs?


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