Saturday links…

The big picture: Diving In


Missing girls & women

Preaching Christ in the OT (& the OT in the NT)

Interpreting criticism
Really liked this quote:
“The useful element of this sort of criticism isn’t that the fact that people in the status quo don’t like your idea. Of course they don’t. The interesting question is: what about the world as it is would have to change for your idea to be important?” — made me think of some things that we are wanting/attempting -here at Kairos.

Wired for Intimacy

Fake Christians

Putting the Big rocks in First

Do Peace Talks in Washington Stand a Chance of Success?

The Generation That Can’t Move On Up

The Timeless Hauerwas

Pakistan: a question of water

Andy Naselli points to Edmund Clowney and Tim Keller’s lectures and course notes from when they co-taught, “Preaching Christ in a Postmodern World.”

This is your world

Ten Tips on How To Be A Driver in San Francisco (or any major city)


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